September Birthstone: Information about Blue Sapphire

For all those born in September, you are blessed with the most important and royal birthstone : the ruby ​​or sapphire  according to the SocietyPrecious stonesAmerican Sapphire has traditionally been a symbol of loyalty and fidelity, and this blue beauty has long been associated with romance and pure love as well.

Characteristics of blue sapphire stone and its sources

Properties of ruby ​​stone

While sapphire usually refers to the blue variety of corundum, the birthstone is also blessed to come in a rainbow of other beautiful hues.  
Interestingly, based on the beliefs of medieval Europeans, the September birthstone was reputed to have healing powers and was even believed to be an antidote to poison.

Sapphire stone sources

While the three historically important sources of yakut remain Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, they are also found in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Madagascar, and the United States.

It is truly a symbol of royal love because when British Prince Charles gave a 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring to Princess Diana, later, Prince William gave it to her.For Kate MiddletonWhen proposing and passing on that legacy of happiness, this timeless beauty makes the perfect choice of jewelry for every occasion and the perfect engagement ring.

Flaunt yourself with the gorgeous stone this month. Whether you’re a ruby ​​lover or born in September,  here are ways you can wear this charming stone in the most amazing ways.

Ways to wear blue sapphires

  • According to some beliefs, before wearing a blue sapphire, look for the best gemstone dealer. If you do not succeed in this, you will wear the wrong stone that may have a strong impact on your life.
  • A legitimate blue sapphire stone is the best one to buy.
  • The best time to wear blue sapphires is on Saturday between 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
  • The minimum stone weight should be 360 ​​mg.
  • The stone should only be inlaid with silver and should be installed in such a way that the stone itself is in contact with your skin.

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