PTV Sports New Biss key Update 2023

PTV Sports New Biss key Update 2023

PTV SPORTS HD PakSat 1R – 38.0°E
TP 4005 V 15555
fast Update 2022

Biss keyAB CD 10 12 11 13 65 01

Satellite: Paksat 38.0 East
Transponder: 4007 v 15557
Frequency: 4007
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 15557
FEC: 3/4
Quality Format: DVB-S, MPEG-2
Biss: AB CD 10 11 11 13 65 13

PTV SPORTS HD Biss Key On PakSat.1R@ 38.0°E 2023

Satellite: PakSat.1R@ 38.0°E
ID: PTV Sports HD
Frequency: 4005
Saymbol Rate: 15556
Polarity: V
MPEG.4/HD FTA Started
Biss: AB CD 10 88 11 13 65 09

PTV is Pakistan biggest sports channel that telecast all sports events. we all know that PTV Sports has an accesses method which is called Biss and they keep changing their Biss key which disturbs their viewers. For you guys, I have written this post in easy and simple steps you have to find out the Biss key below.

ABCD 10FF 1113 65FF
ABCD 1088 1113 6589
ABCD 1000 1113 6500
ABCD 10CC 1113 65CCPTV

Sports HD is a 24-hour sports channel owned by the Pakistan Television Corporation, Pakistan’s state broadcaster. PTV Sports was launched on 14 January 2012, with its HD broadcasts beginning on 26 January 2022, the start date of the 2022 Pakistan Super League. It broadcasts many sporting events, including, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Snooker, Tennis.

Sports Circle is the flagship program of PTV Sports. The show is hosted by Muhammad Ali Sanwal and he is accompanied by retired cricketer Aamir Sohail. The show was previously hosted by Nauman Niaz. There are several other programs catering to other sports events such as field hockey. This is a new program started on PTV Sports. Presented by Mirza Iqbal Baig, it features analysis over different sport events

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